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Carrier Dispatcher User Guides 


The following User Guides covers these facilities... 

  1. SCS Tauranga
  2. Metrobox - Neilson Street
  3. Metrobox - Savill Drive
  4. Metrobox - Hamilton
  5. Metrobox - Rolleston

VBS User Guide - Carrier Dispatcher - Generic v0.2.pdf

 Training Videos

Training VideoLengthYouTube Location
VBS-Depot-How to do a single DROP OFF Booking9:08 min
VBS-Depot-How to do a single PICK UP Booking6:53 min
VBS-Depot-How to quickly do Container Bookings4:44 min
VBS-Depot-How to quickly do Release Bookings5:57 min
VBS-How to Review Billing_26:50 min

How to Register Guide

VBS Carrier Registration Guide - PINNACLE.pdf

How to View Invoices Guide

VBS-How to View Invoices Guide.pdf

This Guide is also available on line here: How to View Invoice History

How to Review and Dispute Transaction Fees

How to Review Transaction Fees - 'No Shows', Early and Late Fees

Alternatively watch a 7 minute YouTube Video

Training Video

This is a recording of the training session held on 25 Feb 2021

Training Session Video - 1 hour



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