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Select ‘X-Ray’ from the Main Menu to create the X-Ray Run and access the X-Ray Run List. 


The VBS X-Ray Module allows nominated x-ray carriers to book x-ray container movement runs as follows.

  • TERM-X: from the terminal to the x-ray facility; pick up containers from terminal and drop off at the x-ray facility for x-ray.
  • X-TERM: from the x-ray facility to the terminal; pick up containers from x-ray facility and return them to the terminal after x-ray.

X-ray facts

X-Ray bookings are not displayed in the VBS Booking ViewEdit or Swap screen.

X-Ray bookings cannot be searched in the Booking Search or the Booking History screen.

A container subjected to x-ray will be displayed with the appropriate HELD/CLEAR status, based on the HOLDs received for the container such as Line, Customs, AQIS and Other Holds.

What can the carrier who made the original booking see?

The original VBS timeslot booking for which the x-ray run has been scheduled can still be viewed, edited, listed in the VBS booking screens as normal, but will be displayed with the appropriate HOLD/CLEAR status (base on the Line, Customs, AQIS and Terminal Hold). Should there be any HOLDs on the container, it will be displayed with a hold status of HELD.

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