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  • How to Create the Stack Run In Manifest

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Add each flat rack in turn one at a time...

Validations in place (Patrick terminals only)

For SRIE, vessel schedule is validated at the point of creating a SRIE. To successfully save a SRIE, following conditions need to be satisfied.


  If the dates of the stack run are not within MT Begin and MT cut off range date range, then the system would display an error message and prevent the user from saving the Stack run. Note that if the Empty dates are not provided by the Terminal, VBS would verify the same logic against the general cargo begin receival and cut off dates.


COR Compliance (Patrick Terminals Only)


As a result of the amendments made to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) on 1 October 2018, Patrick Terminals would require all carriers to acknowledge and accept that they’ve complied with COR Compliance conditions applicable for the Terminal. 


Carriers will be prompted to read and acknowledge COR Compliance conditions prior to completing stack run manifesting.


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Carriers who do not acknowledge COR compliance conditions will not be allowed to complete manifest. Same process is applied when a carrier edit their manifest. When editing a manifest, carriers must read and accept the compliance before saving any changes. 

Truck Manifest Confirmation


  1. Click on the Stack Run Manifest List menu and select the SRI MT tab
  2. Search for the SRI MT manifest you wish to edit (ensure it has not arrived - it should appear in the 'Planned' tab)
  3. Once you have found the manifest to edit, click the actions button and select 'Edit Truck Details'. You will be taken to the Manifest Screen.
  4. Edit the truck details accordingly and click the Update Manifest button