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  • How to Make a Stack Run Out Request

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Navigate to the 'Stack Run In ' section in the main menu. Select the ‘Stack Run Request’ link. 


If you have access to both the Stack Run in and Stack Run Out, select the SRO Tab.


Open up to the Stack Run Out dashboard.

Click the New Stack Run buttton button. This will open up the SRO request form.


The Manifest End Date and time dictates when Manifesting must stop. Once the local facility time has passed the Manifest End Date and Time, Manifesting will no longer be allowed for that Stack Run.




2A - Adding Containers to a


confirmed SRO

Once a Stack Run Out Request has been confirmed, you may begin to add containers to the SRO request.


  1. Open the SRO dashboard. Click on the Stack Run ID of a Confirmed SRO. This will open up the SRO Request Form.
  2. Click on the 'Add Container' button. This will open up a pop-up to paste a list of containers into.

  3. Paste the containers into pop-up window and click add. Multiple containers can be separated by comma or return carriage. 
    The sequence order that the containers are pasted is the priority order that the containers will take on. 
  4. Click the refresh button to check the status of the containers added. Only valid containers that exist can be matched with an eIDO pin and be manifested.
  5. To match eIDO pins click the Match eIDO Pin button. This will open up a pop-up. Paste the list of pins into the pop up window and click Match Pins. VBS will automatically match the Pins to the list of container where a match occurs.

  6. Once all containers have been added, the SRO setup is complete. You may continue on to manifesting by clicking the Manifest button.


Part 2B - Adding Containers to a Confirmed SRO marked as a "Best Pick SRO" by terminal operator

Note that this feature is currently only available for DPW West Swanson Terminal (CONWS)

If "Enable best pick" tick box is ticked, your SRO has been confirmed as a "Best Pick" stack run by the terminal operator. This means you can use placeholders when manifesting your stack run instead of selecting specific containers for the trucks.

You will not be able to disable "Best pick" as this tickbox will be non-editable for you. If you want to disable "best pick" option and request specific containers for manifest, please contact the terminal. 

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Similar to generic SRO process, you must add a list of valid containers against a SRO marked  as 'Best Pick'. A message will be displayed at the top of the container list page notifying you to add valid EIDO PINs for all containers, pay any outstanding storage owing and ensure that the containers in the list aren't held prior to manifesting.

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When a container is added to a Best Pick SRO, VBS will display any storage owing automatically. Storage owing is calculated based on the Stack Run Out end date and zone. 

You can click on the storage value hyperlink and pay any storage owing prior to manifesting. 

Once all containers are added to the SRO list, you can proceed to manifest. Manifesting will only be allowed once the following criteria is met;

  • EIDO PINs are matched for all containers in the list
  • No storage owing outstanding for any containers in the list
  • None of the containers are on hold (Stops:Held)

If one or more of above conditions aren't met, VBS will not allow you to navigate to manifest page and would display following error messages.

  • One or more containers without/ not matched EIDO PINs

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  • One or more containers with storage owing

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  • One or more held containers

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 Once all conditions are met, you can proceed to manifest

The SRO Container List

As containers are added to the SRO Request, a list of containers will appear in the SRO Request form as seen below.