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The Stack Run Out Manifest screen allows carriers to lodge a manifest against a confirmed Stack Run request and also allocate a MSIC driver to the truck run.


If terminal permits,  you will be able to add and manifest the TBA 2 and TBA 4 containers instead of real containers. TBA 2 represents the 20' container and TBA 4 represents the 40' container. You will see the TBA containers in the "Add Container" pop up if the terminal allows you to do so. Otherwise, you will only see your valid containers in the list.

Manifesting TBA for Stack Runs marked as "Best Pick"

Note that this feature is currently only available for DPW West Swanson Terminal (CONWS)

Once all conditions are met (refer here for conditions) , you can proceed to manifest. You can use 'TBA20' and 'TBA40' placeholders when manifesting 'Best pick SRO' instead of selecting specific containers. 

When you click to add a container to a truck, "add container" popup will display TBA20 and/ or TBA40 given that there are 20' and 40' containers added to SRO container list.

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You can add 20' or 40' container placeholders to the truck and click 'Confirm' to create a manifest. Total number of 20' and 40' containers manifested cannot exceed the number of valid containers in the SRO container list. When total number of containers are exhausted, TBA20 and TBA40 selections would disappear from the 'add container' pop-up restricting any further manifests under the corresponding SRO.
When the truck arrives at the terminal, bookings in the manifest will be updated with the corresponding containers.