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  • How to create a consist without containers(Empty Train)

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  • Occasionally, Rail operators will need to send run empty trains to the terminals, e.g., Picking up import containers. 
  • They can submit the empty train consist with one wagon and one empty slot as shows below. 


If you are a terminal user, then you will have read-only access to consists, created for your terminal. 


Create new consist
Modify existing consist
View consist (read only)
Rail operator usersYESYESYES
Terminal usersNONOYES


If you are a rail operator user,  you will see the "Create Consist" menu. 

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Step 2: Enter Train and Trip details 

Enter the following details for the consist header. 

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Step 3: Add Wagons and Slots

Click "Add Wagon" button,

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Step 4: Add Empty Slot

  1. Select the terminal, e.g., DP World NS Port Botany 
  2. Leave the Container# blank 
  3. Change the container size (default is 20). This is the empty slot size

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Step 5: Submit the train consist

  • The consist will be in DRAFT status until you submit the consist to the facility. 
  • Click ‘Submit Consist’ menu in "Action" button, when you have finished entering all the data.

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