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In order to book slots, you must first search for them.  You’ll be directed to the Search Book Slots screen. 

Search Book Slots Screen

NOTE: Only one user per carrier is allowed in the Search Book Slots screen at any time for a timed period of three minutes. This restriction ensures access is equal for all carriers. 


Click the Search button. The screen will show you the 24 zones available on the chosen booking date for the type of booking selected.


Book Slots screen

You will see a listing of slots per timezone.



Booking Result Screen

Once you have booked slots the below Booking Result screen will appear. This screen shows you the number of slots that have been booked along with the booking reference details.


Summary button - this will take you to the Booking Summary screen


Booking Summary

This screen allows you to EDIT the Booking Reference and attach a container and other booking details if required - this can be done via the radio button in the 'Action' column. You will also be able to email and print bookings information from this screen by just clicking on the Email and Print icon.

NOTE: When you press the Finish button it will take you to the Booking List screen.


Edit Drop Off Booking Details

Within this screen, you can List, Clear and Attach booking details to your booking reference.


The third-party transport carrier makes booking need to define the Owner of the box in the "Owner" field .and Service Type is "Other"

The carrier can also confirm the booking using the Acceptance No that obtains from the Shipping Lines/Parks.


A booking fee may be payable for listed bookings unless that booking is taken by another transport operator.



When a transport carrier tries to make a booking where a park has a redirection.  They will get the following error message