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Note that some terminals allow bypassing MSIC card expiry validation. If so, you will be able to manifest using drivers with an expired MSIC. However, other three validations would apply.

Current behavior in Driver List page remain the same. i.e.

  • When a carrier attempt to add a driver with an inactive or expired MSIC to the list, VBS will not add the driver to the list. Message will be displayed "Cannot add <MSIC number> <user name> as the card has expired or is inactive".
  • A driver with an expired/ inactive induction can be added to the driver list. Induction due would be displayed for the terminal that's been viewed at the time (i.e. if the carrier is viewing the driver list while in Patrick Port Botany facility, induction due date column would display the  induction due date for Patrick Port Botany. Same driver when viewed through DP World Port Botany may have a different induction due date as the field will display induction due date for DP World Port Botany.)
  • If the driver's induction is expired/ inactive for the corresponding terminal, induction due date field will be blank and the respective terminal will not be displayed in the facility list field. For drivers who are already added to the driver list at the time induction was expired, if the carrier has not refreshed the driver list (by clicking "refresh driver details"), induction due date (which is a past date) will still be displayed.