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This is the home of the 1-Stop Gateway Customer Guide.This guide is for customers of the 1-Stop Gateway service. It is intended as a:

  • training resource when you purchase 1-Stop’s services; and
  • reference guide, if you need help to perform specific tasks.

Information about solving problems is included at the end of this document. If you need extra help you can:


is an information communications technology (ICT) company that provides services to businesses involved in the import and export of goods to and from Australian ports. We are based in Sydney and our services are used all over Australia and in Auckland, NZ. Our customers include:

  • facility operators (stevedores);
  • shipping lines;
  • Australian Customs Services and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service;
  • container depots;
  • importers and exporters; 
  • freight forwarders and agents;
  • road carriers; and
  • rail operators.

About 1-Stop

Page: About 1-StopPage: Customer system requirementsPage: Terms of usePage: General dataPage: Import/Export dataPage: Container ISO-CodesPage: Terminal CodesPage: GlossaryPage: Where to get help