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If you already have an MSIC and wish to renew it? You will be able to start the renewal process up to 3 months before the expiry date. What's involved in this process?


The MSIC renewal process is very similar to applying for a new card, only you will already have a username and password (provided that your current MSIC was issued by 1-Stop). There are 4 main stages in the process:

  1. Online Application and Inductions: You will need to login to, if you don’t remember your login details, you can use the ‘Forgot Password. Click the ‘Renew Now’ button to start the process and follow the prompts. At the end you will need to PRINT the application form with your details already on it and ready to lodge

  2. Application Form Lodgement at Australia Post: MUST be completed by yourself in person and original ID Documents (for verification).

  3. Background checking: completed by Auscheck and results passed to 1-Stop automatically
  4. Card manufacturing and postage (provided that the application is approved): This is completed by 1-Stop and our agents, cards are sent to the applicants selected post office for collection.

NOTE: MSIC Applications/Renewals can be paid for online by credit card OR at the post office when the form is lodged. Current prices can be found here:

Once the form has been lodged, the average time to receive an MSIC is 3 weeks, this depends largely on how quickly the background check is processed and can vary from applicant to applicant. You can elect to receive SMS/Email updates as your application progresses, the final one will be sent when the card arrives at the nominated post office for collection. 



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If your previous/current MSIC has not been issued by 1-Stop, you can either:

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