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Q1: I created a train consist and submitted. Its status is changed from DRAFT to PENDING, but not to SENT

A: It takes few mins to send the consist message to terminals. If your consist has containers to more than one terminal, the application will send messages to all terminals. 

    Wait for 5-10 mins and check the status again. It should be changed to SENT. If not, please contact 1-Stop Helpdesk on 1300 881 055.


Q2: I cannot find my train consist which I created and submitted 

A: Make sure you have entered the correct search criteria, specially the data range. You can also use the global filter to filter your search results further. 

Q3: I do not see my train origins or destinations in the drop downs

A: If you cannot see origins or destinations then probably they may not be configured for your company. Currently, this configurations can be done by 1-Stop Helpdesk. Please contact 1-Stop Helpdesk on 1300 881 055.

Q4: How do i know if a container has a PRA with the terminal

A: If you have access to 1-Stop subscription products, you can search PRA status of a container. Alternatively,  you can add the container to a slot and it will automatically check for PRAs and bring the status. 

Q5: The container I want to add to a slot, does not have a PRA with the terminal. Will it be discharged at the terminal? 

A: Your container may not be discharged at the terminal. You need to check with the terminal. 


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