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If you received an email advising your MSIC has been delayed because of a production issue in April 2019, please be guided by the below dispatch dates. Ensure you allow normal postage times for the card to reach your nominated collection post office. We will update this page if there are any changes to these dates:

Your card will be dispatched according to the date your application was approved by our Background checking partners. 

Application Approval DateDispatch Date
Between 28-Mar-19 and 31-Mar-1930-Apr-2019 (Dispatched)
1-Apr-19 and 2-Apr-1930-Apr-2019 (Dispatched)
Between 3-Apr-19 and 7-Apr-19Approx 1-May-2019
8-Apr-19 and 9-Apr-19Approx 1-May-2019
Between 10-Apr-19 and 14-Apr-19Approx 2-May-2019
15-Apr-19 and 16-Apr-19Approx 2-May-2019
Between 17-Apr-19 and 21-Apr-19Approx 3-May-2019
22-Apr-19 and 23-Apr-19Approx 3-May-2019
Between 24-Apr-19 and 28-Apr-19TBC
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