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I need some of my employees to get MSICs, how do I get started on their applications?


If they are not already on your Employee list, you will need to create an account for them first. To create an account for your employee(s), simply follow the instructions below:

  • You will be presented with the form below. Enter details of your new employee. Once completed, click 'Confirm and Add'. (Refer to table at bottom of this page for further details of each field)
  • The system will send an email to the employee with login details and instructions to start the application process.


Sample email that is sent to the employee


Details of the fields on the Add Employee form:

Field Mandatory / OptionalDescription

First Name


First name of the applicant

Middle Name


Middle name of the applicant

Last Name


Last name of the applicant. If the applicant doesn't have a last name then tick on the check box 'No Last Name'

Date of BirthMandatoryDate of birth of the applicant
Email AddressMandatoryEmail address of the applicant. They will receive an email with username and a link to set the password.

Employee Id


This could be an ID from any system that helps the company identify an employee, contractor or truck driver.

Employee Category


From the available list of options select the employment category  

  • Employee – Hutchison, AAT, Patrick or DP World only (This is only available to Site admins)
  • Contractor
  • Carrier
  • Other – Union, Trade or Gov’t representative.

Home Site


For site admins belonging to a Stevedore, the name of your site will be displayed here and cannot be changed.

For all other non-Stevedore companies, it will be 'Other' by default and cannot be changed.

Requires Induction


If the applicant needs to access any Patrick, DPW, AAT,VICT or Hutchison stevedore sites, tick the check box.

If the applicant doesn't need access to any Patrick, DPW, AAT,VICT or Hutchison stevedore sites, then do not tick the check box.

Card Type


Choose the type of card that is required for the applicant

  • Combined MSIC and Access is for applicants who require security clearance as well as swipe access into any Patrick, DPW, AAT, VICT or Hutchison stevedore site.
  • Access Card is when your applicants already hold MSIC issued by another issuing body and want to have access to any Patrick, DPW, AAT or Hutchison stevedore site.
  • MSIC Only  is for applicants who do not require swipe access into any Patrick, DPW, AAT or Hutchison stevedore site.

Company To Pay


If the company is going to pay for the card, then tick this check box.

If not ticked, then the applicant will be prompted to make payment either online or at the Post office