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If you need to book at another facility than what you already have access to, you can add them to your account.

To add a new facility, login to VBS, then select "My Account"



(Alternatively go to, click on "Subsidiaries")

Click on "Add Facility"


Select the Facility you need access to from the list.

Note: You will only see facilities within your registered country. For example New Zealand companies will only see the list of facilities in NZ.

Complete the "About your company" form at the bottom and click the "Finish" button



Potential Issues with Registration

  • Your company is setup with the Wrong Country.

For example, if you are a New Zealand company but your 1-Stop registration has the country set to Australia, then you will not be able to add new New Zealand facilities to your list.

Contact the 1-Stop Help Desk at  or for New Zealand - or call 0800 700 152

  • Your Registered New Zealand Business Number is of the form 'NZnnnnnn'

The old 'NZnnnnn' type business numbers were originally used, by 1-Stop, prior to the NZ government created a proper NZ Business Number Register.
1-Stop is in the process of updating these old numbers so when you log in and the systems asks you to check your details, the 1-Stop system will also check that the New Zealand Business Number is correct.
The 1-Stop system will also cross-check against the NZ Business Number register.

Solution: Contact your Organisation Administrator (normally the first person who registered your company with 1-Stop) they can update your company details when they log in to the account.

  • Your NZ Business Number already exists...

When a carrier with an NZxxxxx NZBN tries to use an existing BN (whether it is theirs or someone else's) this is the error…

Solution: Contact the 1-Stop Help Desk at  or for New Zealand - or call 0800 700 152

  • Different Registered name to the official New Zealand registered name…

The registration system will display the official registered name related to the NZBN which may be different to what is currently registered in the 1-Stop system.


Solution: If you want the name updated then contact the 1-Stop Help Desk at  or for New Zealand - or call 0800 700 152

Note: the 1-Stop registered name is the name that will appear on any invoice issues by 1-Stop.


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