Go to the Stack Run In section in the main menu. Click the ‘Stack Run Request’ menu option. 



If you have access to multiple stack run types, click the "SRI MT" Tab.

A dashboard will appear displaying all your previously requested Stack Runs.

Click the 'New Stack Run' button to create a Stack Run In Request.


The Stack Run Request screen allows Carriers, Empty Container Parks and Shipping Lines to lodge an empty Stack Run In Request to a Terminal.


Stack Run In Empty Dashboard

The Stack Run screen includes a dashboard that displays all ERN requests that belong to you. Each ERN will be displayed on the dashboard with the ERN displayed as a bar on the Chart to indicate when it begins and when it ends.

A Stack Run summary can also be displayed, showing the total numbers of containers manifested vs the total number of containers requested for all ERNs within a Stack Run. The Stack Run Summary can be filtered to be shown or not.


With each ERN, the following details will be displayed:

You can click on the ERN in the dashboard to view the ERN details. An Add ERN link will also be displayed next each Stack Run ID.  The following screenshot illustrates this:


The SRI Empty dashboard will display the Day, Date and zones (0-23), 

There will always be 3 days shown in the dashboard. Users will have the ability to move forwards or backwards 1 day at a time, but the first calendar day displayed on the dashboard will always default to the current facility date.


Existing ERN requests will be displayed with a status:

NOTE: There can be multiple Empty Release Number (ERN) requests within the same Stack Run In.


The following colours represent the different ERN statuses:

ERN Status

Status Colour

Pending (New Stack Run Created)
Pending (View ERN)
Waiting for Confirmation


Creating a Stack Run In Empty Request

Click the New Stack Run button to create a new Stack Run In Request.  The following form will be displayed:


NOTE: Vessel details listed in Stack Run In Empty request screen are updated to display the vessel details based on the validity of the Empty cut-off date.



To create an ERN Request add the following details:

Enter relevant comments to the comments field, if required.

Click the Save button to save the request. 

This will set the status of the ERN request to ‘Pending’ and a copy of the empty Stack Run-In request will be emailed to the specified email addresses. The terminal will either reject or confirm the request which will trigger an email to the specified email addresses.

Once the terminal has confirmed the ERN request successfully, you can start manifesting against the ERN.


The Stack Run In Request Form is also displayed when viewing an existing ERN request or when submitting a new ERN request.

The Stack Run In Request Form allows you to:


Adding an ERN to an Existing Stack Run

The following steps will demonstrate how to add an ERN request to an existing Stack Run In from the Calendar.

Method 1

Click on the Add ERN link located next to the desired Stack Run In.

This will bring up the Stack Run-In Request screen. VBS will automatically associate the ERN request to the Stack Run ID (ie. the ERN will use the existing the Stack Run ID and will form part of that Stack Run).

Complete the Stack Run In Request Form and then click on the Save button.


Method 2

Open an existing Stack Run ERN from the dashboard and click on the Edit Stack Run link to display the Stack Run Details of the ERN.

Click on the +Add ERN link under the 'Associated ERNs'


Accessing an existing ERN

The following steps will demonstrate how to access an existing ERN request from the dashboard.

  1. Open the SRI MT dashboard. Navigate to the day of the Stack Run ERN that you wish to access. 
  2. Click on the ERN which will be a hyperlink. Clicking on the ERN will open up the SRI MT Request form and will display the details of that ERN.

You may only edit, an ERN request that is still in a 'Pending' status. Once a manifest has been 'Confirmed' you may only view the ERN details but NOT change it.

If the CTO rejects the ERN request, the status will change to 'Rejected'. You will no longer be able to edit this ERN. You may find the reason of the rejection in the "Comment" field if CTOs put the comment during rejection.

If an Error is received from the terminal, the Status will be updated to 'Error'. The description associated to the error can be displayed when the mouse cursor passes over the ERN bar in the dashboard.


Editing an Existing ERN

You may only edit an ERN that is in a PENDING status - Any of the ERN Details may be edited and changed.

To edit an ERN:

  1. Open the SRI MT dashboard. Navigate to the day of the Stack Run ERN that you wish to access. 
  2. Click on the ERN which will be a hyperlink. Clicking on the ERN will open up the SRI MT Request form and will display the details of that ERN.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the ERN and click the Save button.