Accessing the Stack Run Manifest List Screen

Click the 'Stack Run Manifest List' menu option under the Stack Runs section in the Main Menu.

Click the "SRI MT" tab to access Stack Run In Empty Module and to view the Manifest List.

The Stack Run Manifest List screen allows a Carrier to view a list of their Stack Run Manifests.


Manifest List Screen

The Manifest List screen is made up of two sections:

  1. Search area - This form contains the fields required to perform a search.
  2. Results area - Displays a table of the search results. When View is selected from the Action column, the manifest screen is opened to display the details of the manifest.


Searching for Stack Run Manifests in the Manifest List Screen

The following steps outline how to search for Stack Run Manifests:

  1. Select "Search by Date" or "Search by Week" and select a date. Search by Date searches for a specific day only. Search by Week allows the user to enter a search window by specifying the start and end date of the search window.
  2. If required select any search requirements needed, such as the ERN, Stack Run ID, Driver, Rego or Container number. Click the Search button. 
  3. The results will be displayed in a table. If you mouse over the 'Info' icon, you may view the container details inside the manifest. 
    You can also click on the Action button to View or Delete the the manifest. Clicking directly on the Movement ID of a Stack Run Manifest will open up and view the actual Manifest.
  4. To edit the search, click on the Edit Search button in the Search Details section and re-enter the new search details and click search.


NOTE: You will need to have the correct permissions to be able to Edit or Delete a Manifest. If these Edit or Delete buttons are not visible, you do not have the permissions to Edit or Delete a Stack Run In Manifest.

The results displayed for the Manifest List will be displayed and separated into two tabs - Planned and Actual


Planned Vs Actual Manifests (Definition)

The following is a definition of what is a planned Manifest vs an Actual Manifest:

Planned Manifests are manifests that have been created and are yet to occur. Initially all manifests that are created will appear in the Planned tab.

Actual Manifests are manifests that have already occurred. The following events will move a manifest from Planned to Actual:

Deleting a Stack Run Manifest

Selecting the Delete action will completely remove the Stack Run In Manifest.

The following message will appear when the Delete button is pressed:

"Are you sure you want to delete this manifest?" - Press OK to complete this action or Cancel to revert back to the Manifest List screen.