The Stack Run In Full Manifest screen allows carriers to lodge a manifest against a confirmed Stack Run request and also allocate a MSIC driver to the truck run.

The Stack Run In Full Manifest screen is accessed via the Stack Run dashboard.


Accessing the Stack Run In Full Dashboard

To access the manifest screen, a Stack Run must first be selected from the dashboard.

Click the 'Stack Run Request' link under the Stack Runs section in the main menu.

Click the "SRI Full" tab to access Stack Run In Full Module and to view the Dashboard.

The displayed dashboard will allow the carriers to select a Confirmed Stack Run to manifest.


Accessing the Stack Run In Full Manifest Screen

Click the Manifest Link against the Stack Run you wish to Manifest in the dashboard.

(Only Confirmed Stack Run Requests that have all the required number of assigned containers or have already started manifesting will have the manifest link displayed in the dashboard.)

NOTE: If a Stack Run has been locked by the terminal, it will still appear in the calendar but cannot be manifested as the Manifest link will not appear. You will need to contact the Terminal to have them unlock the Stack Run before you can begin manifesting. 

When clicked, the manifest details will appear and once the truck type has been selected, the truck image will appear:

Clicking the + sign on the truck diagram will display the 'Add Container' pop up window below


Creating a Stack Run In Full Manifest

To create a Stack Run In Full Manifest, perform the following steps starting from the dashboard:

  1. Click the Manifest Link against the Stack Run you wish to Manifest in the dashboard. This will open up the Stack Run Manifesting Screen.
  2. Set the Manifest Details - Manifest Date, Zone and Dual Manifest
  3. Set the Truck and Driver details of the manifest - Truck Rego, BAT (if required), Truck Type, Driver and Mobile. After selecting the truck type, this will populate the rest of the form with the Truck Diagram.
  4. Click the plus sign ( + ) on the desired position on the truck on which you want to add the container to. This will open up the Add Container Pop-Up
  5. Select the Container you wish to add onto the truck by clicking the blue Select button. This will load the details of the selected container.
  6. Update the door direction of the container. 
  7. Click the Add button to add the container.
  8. Repeat Steps 4-7 to add more containers to the Truck
  9. Once all containers have been added onto the truck, press the Create Manifest button. A Confirmation screen will appear confirming the Manifest has been created. The manifest details can now be viewed in the Manifest List screen


COR Compliance (Patrick Terminals Only)

As a result of the amendments made to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) on 1 October 2018, Patrick Terminals would require all carriers to acknowledge and accept that they’ve complied with COR Compliance conditions applicable for the Terminal. 

Carriers will be prompted to read and acknowledge COR Compliance conditions prior to completing manifesting.

Carriers who do not acknowledge COR compliance conditions will not be allowed to complete manifest. Same process is applied when a carrier edit their manifest. When editing a manifest, carriers must read and accept the compliance before saving any changes. 

Editing a Stack Run In Full Manifest

You may edit the Truck Details of a SRI Full Manifest as long as it has not arrived at the terminal. 

Only the following fields will be editable when editing a Stack Run Manifest as show below:


You may not edit the Manifest Date, Truck Type or the containers on a truck. If you wish change any of these, you must delete the manifest and create a new manifest.


To edit the manifest, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Stack Run Manifest List menu and select the SRI Full tab
  2. Search for the SRI Full manifest you wish to edit (ensure it has not arrived - it should appear in the 'Planned' tab)
  3. Once you have found the manifest to edit, click the actions button and select 'Edit Truck'. You will be taken to the Manifest Screen.
  4. Edit the truck details accordingly and click the Update Manifest button