This section provides Instructions on how to use the Train Consist web screens.

Login and access

Alternatively, you will be able to access the application from 1-Stop web site as well, after the pilot run of the new application. 


Step 1: Logon with your username  & password provided by 1-Stop at registration.

Step 2: Select your company code. If your user account is configured to access data for multiple companies, you will see all of the companies in the list below. 

When you successfully login to the application, you will come to the following search screen. 

Password Reset


Step 1: Logon with your username  & password .

Step 2: If your password is expiring in next 5 days a system prompt will be displayed. To change password, click "Change Password" button. If your password has already expired, you will be asked to reset password as shown in Step 3.

Step 3: Reset the password by entering the current and desired new password.

Step 4: Password change will be confirmed and you can now continue using the system.