You need to be a rail operator user to be able to create train consist messages. 

If you are a terminal user, then you will have read-only access to consists, created for your terminal. 


Create new consist
Modify existing consist
View consist (read only)
Rail operator usersYESYESYES
Terminal usersNONOYES


The following steps will assist you in creating a new consist message to a container terminal.

Step 1: Click "Create Consist" menu or button. 

If you are a rail operator user,  you will see the "Create Consist" menu. 

Step 2: Enter Train and Trip details 

Enter the following details for the consist header. 


Train Details

All train details are mandatory to create a consist. 

  1. Enter the Train Number or change it. You cannot enter a train number with a space, e.g, 8178 2 is not accepted. 

  2. Train Service Number is auto generated for you, however, you can change this value. The Train Service Number must be a unique number for the train. You cannot have the same Train Service Number for the same Train Number more than once. 

  3. Select the rail operator. This drop-down list is maintained by the 1-Stop Helpdesk. Please advise them if your organisation is not in this list

Trip Details

  1. Select the origin and destinations from the drop down list.
    The drop downs show the origin and destination locations configured for your company. If you need to add or change any location, please contact the 1-Stop Help desk 

  2. Select Schedule departure date or Actual departure date if you know them. One of the two fields is mandatory. 

  3. Select Schedule arrival date. This field is mandatory. 


Press the Save button. This will create the Train Consist header record. You can now add locomotives, wagons and slots to the train. Train consist status will be in DRAFT status.

Step 3: Add Locomotive(s) 

Click "Add Locomotive" button and enter the locomotive details,

Locomotives are not mandatory to submit a train consist, however, if you know the locomotive details you should add them to help identify the train. 

Locomotive number and class are mandatory fields if you add locomotives. All other fields are optional and enter the values if you know them. In future these details may become mandatory if the data is sent to rail authorities.

Click  to save the locomotive. 

You can change the locomotives details by using Edit and Remove buttons.  

Step 4: Add Wagons and Slots

Click "Add Wagon" button,


Useful Tip: You can use CTRL+ENTER shotcut keys once you enter the wagon class and number to save the wagon data. 



Useful Tips:

How to remove slots

How to add an empty slot

How to move Wagon(s) with the consist. 

Step 4: Submit to terminal