Rail Tagging and Release User Guide v3.0

How to use this guide



The information contained in this document is for customers of 1-Stop services only. Copyright remains with 1-Stop. No unauthorized copying or distribution of the document or any part of its contents is permitted.

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Purpose of this guide

This guide is for rail operator customers of the 1-Stop Rail Tagging and Release Service . It is intended as a:

  • training resource when you purchase 1-Stop's services; and

  • reference guide, if you need help to perform specific tasks.

Information about solving problems is included at the end of this document. If you need extra help you can:

  • check the FAQs in the 'Help' tab on our website at www.1-stop.biz; or

  • contact the 1-Stop Helpdesk on 1300 881 055.

What's new and what's changed

The information contained in this guide is current as at Mar 2020 and describes all changes to the new Rail Tagging and Release web user interfaces up to that date. 

If you are still accessing the old Rail Tagging and Release product and want to refer to its user guide, click the link below. 

User Guide for Rail Tagging and Release v2.0 (OLD) 

User Guide name and version number

Updates to User Guides are made each time a new version of the service is released.

This is: Rail Tagging and Release User Guide version 3